Honeywell F111C1012B-3S

Honeywell F111C1012B-3S

  • $ 2,995.00

1150 CFM, 95% DOP Media Filter and CPZ, Black Lid, 120V.

Designed for drop ceilings, the F111 semi flush-mounted air cleaner fits neatly in the space occupied by a two by four foot ceiling panel. With only 4 and a half inches of the unit visible, and a white grille that matches typical overhead fixtures, it blends right in. The F111 removes airborne particles such as dust, soot , and some cooking smoke from the air circulated through the filter. You'll find the F111 deployed in spaces where particle counts are typically high and odors are a part of doing business - offices, bingo halls, restaurants, computer rooms, medical clinics, beauty shops, print shops and funeral homes, just to name a few.

F111 Product Manual


      • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter models are 99.97% efficient and the hospital grade particle filter models are 95% efficient at 0.3 micron particles. Both models are more efficient on particles smaller and larger.
      • Circulates up to 1250 cfm.
      • Designed to overcome the increase in air flow resistance normally caused by filter loading.
      • Black cover to complement┬ádark ceiling.
      • CPZ module removes up to 95% of the space odors for up to 24 months.
      • 3-Speed remote wall switch ( 3-speed models only)


        Voltage 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 8.0A
        Particulates at 0.3 Micron (DOP Test)
        95% at 0.3 Micron
        Air Volume in cfm
        Grill Color
        Three speed direct drive forward curve

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