Honeywell F116A1047

  • $ 3,281.00

2500 CFM, 2 Stage, 1 Prefilter, 120V.

This ductable (separate from the HVAC duct work) or stand-alone air cleaner is designed for tough air cleaning jobs in commercial and light industrial environments. You'll find the F116 hard at work in offices, print shops, restaurants, factories, laboratories, and medical research facilities. Completely customer configured, this unit can reduce the levels of particles and gases uniquely present in your facility.

F116 Product Manual / PDF


      • Variety of filter configurations available to customize the air cleaner for any application.
      • CPZ (Charcoal Potassium Permanganate and Zeolite) disposable modules can be used for odor control.
      • Three-speed, direct-drive, forward curve blower/motor circulates up to 2500 cfm (72 cu m/min) for large areas.
      • Negative and positive pressure rooms can be created with the F116.


          Voltage 120 Vac, 60 Hz; 1 PHS, 14A
          Particulates at 0.3 micron (DOP Test) NA
          Air Volume in cfm
          0.0508 in. 16 GA unpainted aluminum.


          Honeywell's F116 ductable or stand-alone air cleaner is designed for tough air cleaning jobs in commercial and light industrial environments. The air cleaner provides its own air circulation, so it can be used in any situation that requires the removal of contamination from an enclosed area. The air going to the unit and the discharged air may be transported by a network of ducting and plenums or the unit can be used independently.

          Air flowing through the F116 undergoes two or three stages of cleaning depending on the unit. The first stage is a prefilter rated at 30-40% ASHRAE dust spot efficiency. The prefilter captures large particles, and is a disposable element.

          The second stage of cleaning can include one or two of the following: a 65% or 95% ASHRAE filter, a 95% media air filter, a 99.97% efficient HEPA filter, or an up to 95% efficient electronic air cleaner cell. The third stage of cleaning includes CPZ sorbent modules for the control of odors, gases, and VOCs.

          Custom Configuration
          Essentially, you custom configure a unit to reduce levels of particles and gases that cause a problem in your facility. Working together, these air-cleaning modules can capture most indoor air pollutants. All units allow easy access to the replacement media. And all feature a one-horsepower, forward-curve, direct drive blower motor that is moves up to 2500 CFM of air through the air cleaner components depending on configuration.

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