F90 Charcoal Filter

F90 Charcoal Filter

  • $ 50.94

The Honeywell Activated Carbon Granular Post-Filter carries all of the necessary features required to reduce common odors, gases and VOCs. This can be instrumental in creating an ideal breathing environment for you and your family. Featuring a solid aluminum frame construction, this unit offers maximum protection while simultaneously promoting peace of mind. Granular activated carbon has also been utilized to its full extent and remains incredibly effective without giving up its light duty properties. For the very best results, it is recommended that you replace your filter once every year.

The Honeywell 3503-1, CPZ (Granular) Filter for Honeywell Commercial Air Cleaner F90A features a compatibility range that covers the following Honeywell Models: F90 A/B models. F70C models, F54C models.

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