1000 CFM, 99.97% Hepa Filter, 120V

Honeywell F120A1031

  • $ 2,282.51

The F120 Series Ducted Air Cleaner delivers powerful, ultra-quiet, behind-the-scenes air cleaning. This unit is an effective indoor air quality solution for offices, hospitals, medical clinics, childcare centers, schools and hospitality businesses. It's quiet performance makes it an excellent choice for sound sensitive settings, such as bowling centers, bingo halls, conference rooms classrooms and libraries.


  • Two filtered return modules with a return grille, prefilter, and a 99.97% HEPA.
  • Four air supply modules with supply grilles.
  • A blower module with a two-speed blower, four recirculating air supply openings, four recirculating air return openings and an optional exhaust opening.
  • 75 ft (23m) of six-inch diameter flexible duct.



    • Specifically designed for use in offices, hospitals, medical clinics, childcare centers, schools, conference rooms, copy centers, laboratories, cafeterias, and hospitality business.
    • Ultra-quiet operation allows the system to be used in sound sensitive areas such as conference rooms, offices, classrooms and libraries.
    • Modular design of air supply and return allows maximum flexibility when planning the appropriate air recirculation pattern to maximize overall system performance.
    • Special return module filter removes both particulates and gaseous contaminants from the air stream.
    • Convenient roomside service for all filters.
    • Easy-to-change prefilter extends the media filter life.
    • Blower module can be mounted remotely from the room to further reduce sound levels.
    • Two-speed fan motor allows selecting high or low airflow speeds.
    • Optional exhaust feature allows installations to maintain the space at a negative pressure with respect to surrounding areas to prevent contaminants and odors from moving into nearby areas.
    • Installation is ideally suited to rooms with either twoby- four or two-by-two foot drop ceiling panels, but can be installed in any wall or ceiling that allows ducting space.


      Voltage 120 Vac, 60 Hz, 7A
      Particulates at 0.3 micron (DOP Test) 99.97% HEPA
      Air Volume in cfm
      Blower Housing: Unpainted galvanized steel.
      Return and Supply Grilles: Off-white

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